Sponsorship & fundraising

At some stage, and sooner rather than later, the organising committee is going to need funds, not just to conduct national selections but also to get students to WSDC tournaments. One way to do this is to obtain a sponsor. Choose someone or some organisation that you think may have a natural affinity with debating or might be persuaded to have such an affinity. Offer them ‘naming rights” that is, the tournament and/or the trophies in their name.

Speak to your local newspaper, TV or media outlet to raise interest then indicate to the potential sponsor that the event would receive press coverage. Alternatively, take a picture yourself, write a press release and submit it to the media, you’d be amazed how often this is published.

Prepare a budget for submitting to the sponsor, try not to make it too unrealistic but don’t make it too apologetically low either. It should include things like materials (stationary, stop watches, bells etc) the costs of meals, accommodation and travel.

If you don’t secure a sponsor, look at fundraising through specific events such as show debates with other public bodies or individuals. Try also asking schools, relative and debating alumni to contribute. Don’t forget that even if the students themselves can’t give you any money, they may have some bright ideas as to who you or they can ask and it can be a positive bonding exercise for them as a team, to work on a fundraising project together.