Motions Committee 2018, Power-pairing method voting results

The online ballot of the WSDC Tournament Committee has now concluded.

38 nations (out of 52 eligible to vote) cast their ballots. Those nations
were: Australia, Barbados, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic,
Denmark, England, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia,
Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru,
Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South
Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, United
States and Wales.

For some of the items on the ballot, the final results were extremely close
(in 2 cases being decided by a margin of just 1 vote). We have recounted
the votes very carefully to be certain of the results.

The final results of the various items on the ballot are as follows:

Motions Committee for WSDC 2018

Sharmila Parmanand (Philippines) – 31 votes (*ELECTED*)

Kevin Moar (New Zealand) – 25 votes (*ELECTED*)

Scott Ralston (Scotland) – 20 votes (*ELECTED*)

Luke Churchyard (South Africa) – 19 votes (*ELECTED*)

Alex de Jager (Qatar) – 14 votes (*ELECTED*)

Jumin Lee (South Korea) – 13 votes

Isabel Mateos Méndez (Mexico) – 13 votes

David Moscovici (Romania) – 13 votes

Janet Stevens (Scotland) – 10 votes

Sebastian Vera (Argentina) – 9 votes

The 5 individuals elected will be serving on the Motions Committee together
with 2 further members who will be appointed by the host organising
committee in Zagreb. The Hosts will be announcing the 2 appointed members

Power-Pairing Issue A
*Should the Rules specify whether the ‘seeded rounds’ (preliminary rounds 1
and 2) must be prepared or impromptu debates?*

Option 1: Rounds 1 and 2 should both prepared – 20 votes (*CHOSEN OPTION*)

Option 2: 1 prepared debate and 1 impromptu debate – 8 votes

Option 3: Allow the Hosts to decide – 7 votes

Abstentions: 3

Power-Pairing Issue B
*If a team needs to be ‘pulled-up’ to a higher bracket, how shall that team
be determined?*

Option 1: As far as possible, the team from the bracket below which has had
the ‘easiest’ opponents up to that point shall be ‘pulled-up’ – 26
votes (*CHOSEN

Option 2: Randomly selected team from the bracket below shall be
‘pulled-up’ – 11 votes

Abstentions: 1

Power-Pairing Issue C
*Within each bracket, how should the computer tabulation programme aim to
pair teams up for each debate round?*

Option 1: As far as possible, the draw within each bracket should be a
folding table – 17 votes

Option 2: As far as possible, the draw within each bracket should be a
sliding table – 13 votes

Option 3: Teams should be randomly drawn against other teams in the bracket
– 8 votes

Abstentions: 0

*As no option received an overall majority, Option 3 was eliminated
(because it had the least votes) and the votes of the 8 delegates who voted
for Option 3 were transferred to their 2nd choice option. The final result
was: *

Option 1: As far as possible, the draw within each bracket should be a
folding table – 17 + 2 = 19 votes (*CHOSEN OPTION*)

Option 2: As far as possible, the draw within each bracket should be a
sliding table – 13 + 5 = 18 votes

Abstentions: 0 + 1 = 1

Power-Pairing Issue D
*Should teams be allowed to face debate against each other more than once
during the preliminary rounds?*

Option 1: No – 23 votes (*CHOSEN OPTION*)

Option 2: Yes – 15 votes

Abstentions: 0

Power-Pairing Issue E
*Should every team be given exactly 4 debates in proposition and exactly 4
debates in opposition over the 8 preliminary rounds?*

Option 1: Yes – 11

Option 2: No – 26 (*CHOSEN OPTION*)

Abstentions: 1

Power-Pairing Issue F
*What should happen in the event that there is an odd number of competing

Option 1: The Host and the Chief Adjudicators shall decide – 10 votes

Option 2: A swing team will be added to the draw – 21 votes (*CHOSEN

Option 3: A team will be given a walkover victory in each round – 7 votes

Abstentions: 1

Based on the above results, a fully updated version of the power-pairing
rules for WSDC 2018 will be compiled and released to the WSDC community.

Power-pairing is being implemented as a 1-year trail at WSDC 2018, so the
power-pairing rules will be a temporary amendment to the WSDC Rules for
2018 only. At the end of the 2018 championship, the Tournament Committee
will be able to decided whether it wishes to implement power-pairing again
at future WSDCs.


Mark Gabriel & Christopher Sanchez
Returning Officers